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What is the point of microblogging?

Microblogging, or using 'The Wire' on the NOVICE site can appear to just be mundane notifications of when someone you know has made themselves a cup of tea. However, it is also a great way to tell everyone something important quicky - for example, you may microblog that you are just reading a new journal which has been published and which everyone should check out.

View the video Twitter in Plain English to find out more about microblogs such as Twitter:

I want to create a document with some friends, can I do this?

Yes. Wikis are a great way of multiple people creating one document in real-time. If you would like to create your own wiki, go to 'More Tools' on the NOVICE menu, and select 'Wiki Pages'. On the left had side you will then see the option to create a new page. Make sure you set it up to allow your friends to view and contribute. View our guide to making a wiki page here.

Or to find out more about wikis, watch this video, Wikis in Plain English:

What are bookmarking and the bookmarklet?

Internet bookmarking is just like putting a real bookmark in a book - it helps you to easily find a place of interest again. With social internet bookmarking, you are also able to share your bookmarks with friends, and in turn view their bookmarks. This is an easy way to share interesting information. The bookmarklet tool allows you to bookmark any page you are visiting (without having to manually save its web address in the NOVICE website). You can find these marked pages in your NOVICE bookmarks.

Can I send an e-mail on NOVICE?

Yes, you can send a NOVICE mail. Access your inbox and send messages by clicking on the envelope on the elgg toolbar. To view our video on how to send messages (i.e. to multiple people) click here.

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